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Home> Safety rules for the installation of bridge bearings

 Safety rules for the installation of bridge bearings

1 the installation process of bridge bearings should be considered in the following main risk sources and risk factors:
(1) the top of the pier is not provided with safety protection facilities such as railings and steps.
(2) the bearing is fixed at the top of the pier.
(3) Jack does not meet the requirements of the construction.
(4) illegal operation of
(6) the height of the workers do not wear labor protection products according to the provisions; drink or fatigue.
(7) no wind proof measures for mounting bracket; no anti slip measures in winter.

Before installing

2 bearings, bearing and pier top anchor bolt hole in the snow, ice, water and other sundries shall be clean, and take the necessary anti-skid measures. When the bearing is stored at the top of the pier, it should be firmly fixed.

3 lifting bearing, the pier top operators should be stable after the support and then put in place. When carrying on the bearing, it should be coordinated and prevent squeezing hands and feet.

4 simply supported girder erection, should be installed at the bottom of the precast beam. There is no gap between the upper support plate and the bottom plate of the beam. After the grouting strength of the box girder is reached 20MPa, the anchor bolt is tightened and the supporting plate is removed, the steel plate and the bolt are connected, and the temporary jack is removed.

The hydraulic jack used for the

5 roof falling beam shall be accompanied with a spherical support pad, an insurance ring, and a lift limit hole. The same type of multi jack shall be used in the same type, and in parallel with the oil pipe. Hydraulic jack, oil pump, oil pipe, pressure gauge and so on should be tested before use.

6 using the jack beam position the support, should be timely beam falling to the bearing, is prohibited for a long time with Jack beam.

7 roof beam, its insurance facilities, with the piston placed or removed timely landing. At both ends of the fulcrum shall not rise and fall. The top or the vertical and horizontal shift, should be slow and steady, the procedure should be sent to check, unified command.

8 continuous beam system before the conversion, the bearing must be checked.

9 bridge bearing installation construction lifting, construction site fire, electricity, high work, seasonal construction should comply with the relevant provisions of the "Regulations" of railway engineering construction safety technology TB10301-2009.

10 bridge bearing installation construction work should be carried out to check the table, and carefully fill in the inspection record. For the inspection found in the case does not meet the requirements, should be issued a rectification notice of safety inspection, rectification, and tracking verification.