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Home> The breakdown of the Outlander ten world class accessories

 The breakdown of the Outlander ten world class accessories

From Guangzhou MITSUBISHI interior can be seen on the quality of the paranoid spirit.

The Outlander as Guangzhou MITSUBISHI heavy, MITSUBISHI automobile has advanced technology and exquisite production technology GAIG double protection, far more than the same level of quality and durability. More surprisingly, even in the invisible configuration, with “ de ” convincing outlander the body of the world famous brand, highlighting the quality of paranoid spirit, while the Outlander ten world-class parts is the powerful proof.

High performance MIVEC engine

MITSUBISHI technology from one hundred years

As the world's fifteenth, the fifth major Japanese car manufacturers, MITSUBISHI car has 99 years to make history, has a number of impressive technology. Power is a new achievement of the Outlander 4J1 series Aluminum Alloy engine into a set of MITSUBISHI automotive technology, the engine is high performance and environmental characteristics of the new MIVEC engine, can be continuously variable valve timing and variable valve lift of the perfect combination, so as to realize the engine is free to adjust the &ldquo according to the dynamic needs; breathing ”, achieve environmental protection, fuel, and not to lose the power output effect.

CVT8Gearbox quality leader

The world's top 500 Gator production

The gearbox is big the Outlander &ldquo brand; ”, from the world's largest supplier of automatic transmission — — jatco (JATCO). The Outlander jatco new CVT8 gearbox, is the most advanced CVT8 gearbox, the transmission range, acceleration performance smoothly, combined with MITSUBISHI INVECS-III intelligent controller, can play a better control, and ride comfort and fuel economy have a qualitative leap. < /p>

Adaptive LED headlight

The world's top 500 Hyundai Mobis produced

The Outlander equipped with adaptive LED headlamp light source, LED light source and the atmosphere appears to be not only energy saving and environmental protection. In the course of travel, the headlights will automatically adjust the direction of the radiation, so that the beam is always in line with the head to maintain consistency, can effectively improve the driver's judgment on the road conditions, to ensure a higher driving safety factor. Such a high-quality LED headlamp is by the world's top six auto parts suppliers Hyundai Mobis (Hyundai Mobis) R & D and production, with its light path, the driver should go ahead.

More convenient electric intelligent tail door

From the world's top 500 aixinjingji

Compared with the imported version, Guangzhou MITSUBISHI outlander tail gate opening more intelligent. The manufacturing technology of the famous auto parts supplier AISIN aixinjingji (Aisin Seiki) the production of intelligent electric tail gate, the Outlander owners no longer need to personally push up the tail gate, greatly enhance the convenience. In addition, the intelligent electric tailgate outlander can be turned on or off automatically sensing obstacles and reverse direction, effectively prevent children hurt or damage to vehicles, which for families with children is the gospel. < /p>

“Custom ” tire unmatched

The world's ten largest tire brand blessing

Tires, the Outlander is used among the world's top ten brands of Yokohama tire and Dunlop two big brands. Yokohama tire has good adhesion, can ensure the vehicle high traction and braking, super flexible and can ease the impact of car suspension together, make the journey more comfortable. In addition, the international well-known enterprises Dunlop tire tire designed for the development of new pattern outlander 18 inch round tires, with excellent maneuverability and extraordinary stability, but also make the Outlander super all wheel control system (S-AWC) into full play. < /p>

8 inch intelligent DA system

ALPINE electronic products

ALPINE Electronics (Alpine Electronics) produced by the communication system is notorious. After the domestic outlander equipped with 8 inches of intelligent DA system is the outstanding product for ALPINE electronics. 8 inches large screen intelligent DA system to meet the vision and control system integration, navigation, radio, Bluetooth phone and Bluetooth music, USB connection, CarLife, Android Internet and other functions, and has the fashion technology Ou Lande agree without prior without previous consultation. DA system to drive a strong entertainment performance, and easy to operate, can be in the driving process to ensure driving safety, but also appears to be more humane and modern.

Smart keys and a key starting system

The world top 500 OMRON factory

OMRON is the automation control and electronic equipment manufacturers worldwide, grasp the sensing and control of the world's leading core technology. The Outlander is intelligent key and a key application of the OMRON factory start system, realization of intelligent vehicle keyless “ ” operation in the scope of coverage within 70CM, as long as the touch position corresponding to unlock / lock switch, you can open the door, greatly improve the vehicle's sense of science and technology and handling convenience.

Airbag is trustworthy

American Fortune 500 Otto Arif

The airbag is the secret umbrella of occupants, but also to choose a trusted brand. In this regard, the Outlander chose the world's largest “ automobile occupant protection system ” airbag system supplier Otto production process. When the vehicle collision, the airbag will be able to effectively reduce the injury degree of the occupant. Not only that, the Outlander 2.4L models equipped with airbags or configuration with the highest level models of 7 airbags, to the full range of care for the occupants of personal safety. < /p>

Safety impact ECU quality

World top 500 BOSCH technical support

BOSCH is the world's largest automotive technology supplier for BMW, Mercedes Benz, Porsche and other top luxury car supply parts. The Outlander collision safety ECU control computer of BOSCH company, relying on advanced technology to provide technical support and stability, to provide full security escort for the Outlander, when a sudden accident, safety collision ECU to the maximum extent and induction effect. < /p>

Electronic safety accessories are guaranteed

“Big name ” continental Group supply

The Continental Corporation is one of the world's five largest auto parts suppliers, electronic safety accessories sales of the world champion. The Outlander equipped with ASC (electronic stability control), ABS (anti lock braking system), brake vacuum booster and FCM system, are derived from the mainland group, more secure. The ASC system in ESP based on general models to increase the traction control (TCL), through the precise control, to achieve security and slope starting driving function (HSA function), to take the initiative to protect the action of vehicle. Secondly, the brake vacuum booster and FCM system can be in a dangerous situation to minimize damage to the people in the car, even at the critical moment of life.