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 The industrial and commercial bureau special inspection of auto parts market


        In order to regulate the auto parts market order, the day before, the branch trade and industry to carry out special inspections of the auto parts market in the region.
Whether the special inspection inspection of key auto parts business entities have the qualification, license is complete, there is no super scope, there is no unauthorized change of registered items, if there is not an annual inspection according to inspection; auto parts products are factory factory, quality certificate, trademark logo is in conformity with the law; inspection of auto parts products purchase channels, guide and urge residents to establish the goods into the sales ledger and obtain relevant inspection reports and certificates; check the auto parts business in the existence of false propaganda, trademark infringement and unfair competition behavior.
Up to now, a total of 63 auto parts business operators, the inspection found in the unlicensed operation, false identification, false propaganda and other illegal activities in a timely manner to investigate and deal with.