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 Note for installation of plate type rubber bearing

  Note for installation of plate type rubber bearing?
(1) before the installation, should check the technical specifications of products, specifications are in line with the requirements of the drawings, if not, shall not be used.
(2)The surface of the concrete placing support piers and abutments on the site should be clean and smooth, to ensure uniform pressure throughout the area. And carefully check all the surface, the base and the stone elevation, in the longitudinal slope and the bend of the bridge, in its bearing construction should make corresponding adjustment and treatment or the use of slope shape bearing. The allowable error of elevation of bearing pad stone, simply supported beam is ± 10mm, continuous beam is ± 5mm.
(3)For easy replacement, the plate bearing is not fixed.
(4)Bearing installation shall be carried out at a temperature of 5 C -20 C.
(5) to take measures to maintain the proper position of the bearing in order to meet the requirements of the member in the upper part of the structure.
(6) the rubber bearing and the upper and lower parts of the structure must be in close contact, no gap.
(7) rubber bearings should be installed horizontally. Because of the construction and installation supervision engineer should be inclined to agree, but the slope can not exceed 2%. with rubber bearings, bearing must be due to the shear deformation of the inclined installation need to consider the thickness of the rubber layer.
The above content according to the actual work of the students in order to meet the problems, for reference, if there is a problem, please communicate in a timely manner.