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 Ceramic wear resistant pipe for the sake of brilliant tomorrow come on

Because the ceramic wear-resisting pipe with wear, corrosion resistance, heat resistance, so it can be widely used in electric power, metallurgy, mining, coal, chemical and other industries as transport sand, stone, coal, ash, aluminum liquid grinding of particulate material and corrosive medium, corrosion resistant pipe is a kind of ideal.



Ceramic wear resistant pipe can be divided into alumina ceramic pipe and silicon carbide ceramic pipe. Ceramic wear resistant pipe according to the structure of the form of sub self burning ceramic pipe and ceramic patch wear-resisting pipe.

Wear resistant ceramic lined steel pipe by SHS — — centrifugal manufacturing method, corundum melting point of 2045 DEG C in the ceramic tube, corundum layer and steel layer due to technical reasons of special structure, the stress field is special. At room temperature, the compressive stress of the ceramic layer and the steel layer are subjected to tensile stress, the two opposing and unified, into a balance of the whole. Only when the temperature rises to 400 degrees C, because the two coefficient of thermal expansion is not the same, the new stress field and make the existing ceramic pipe stress field in the offset thermal expansion, so that in the free state of equilibrium both ceramic layer and the steel layer. When the temperature rises to 900 DEG C to wear resistant ceramic lined steel pipe into the cold water, repeated soaking times, composite layer crack or crack, showing the thermal shock resistance of ordinary ceramic There is nothing comparable to this. This performance has great value in engineering construction, because of its outer and inner steel heating will not crack, in construction, flange, blowing mouth, explosion-proof door for welding, welding method can also be directly connected, than the wear-resistant cast stone pipe, cast steel, wear-resistant steel, rare earth double metal composite pipe, steel pipe, the construction is not easy or not welded steel and rubber pipe welding. The lining ceramic wear-resistant steel pipe has good mechanical impact resistance, and the composite layer does not crack and fall off when the load is transported and installed with the bending deformation of the two support.