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 Airbus: crack free connection safety

The newspaper news (reporter Tu Lufang) yesterday, the Airbus Company of A380 aircraft &ldquo ” crack; make a clarification, stressed that the cracks appear in the connecting wing rib and non key skin connections, does not affect the flight safety. Recently, the European aviation safety agency is operating requirements of A380 aircraft for inspection at nearly 1300 flight cycles, and China's first operation A380 currently operates only 455 flight cycles, no need to check, can be normal operation.

Airbus side said that in a limited number of A380 aircraft, some of the connections between the wing and the skin of the connecting piece found subtle cracks, should not be simplified to “ wing crack ”. Cracks in the connection piece for the T - shaped or L - shaped bracket, for non - critical, non - bearing parts, will not affect the safety operation of the aircraft. More than 4 thousand of this connection, which is used to connect the wing flange and the skin on each A380, only a few of the aircraft found the problem of crack. At present, inspection and repair procedures are being carried out.

The European aviation safety agency issued airworthiness directive in January 20th, but the directive does not require A380“ grounded ”. According to the requirements, more than 1800 cumulative flight flight cycle (a takeoff and landing for a flight cycle) A380 aircraft for inspection within four days or 14 flight cycles for this problem will take effect in Airworthiness Directives to the day; has flown more than 1300 flight cycles but less than 1800 flight A380 aircraft in six weeks or 84 flight cycle check.