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Home> Experts interpret A380 wing crack: connecting pieces need to be designed to improve

 Experts interpret A380 wing crack: connecting pieces need to be designed to improve


Analysis of the causes of the incident, Huang Jun believes Tom · Williams said in place: “ wing crack reasons may include aspects of design, material selection, processing, installation, combination of one or several reasons may cause the problem. In terms of design, the basic function of aircraft parts is to carry the load of the aircraft during the flight. If the actual load exceeds the design load, may occur; if there are defects in the process, may also cause the problem; material selection or improper material defects may also be an important reason; if the installation parts screw too tight may also produce prestress, resulting in the occurrence of similar fault. Tao Chunhu said: ” “ report from the comprehensive judgment of the L type bracket problem belongs to the wing in connecting ribs and skin connections, most likely lead to the assembly design inconsiderate residual stress, and the stress superposition causing cracking, belongs to the early fault. Aluminum alloy to do this type of parts, the strength will not be too high, this kind of residual stress is generally difficult to find in the static test of the whole machine.

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Despite the Airbus spokesman said the inspection and maintenance is in an orderly manner, in compliance with the requirements of EASA, but after the incident, A380 flight safety is still being questioned. Tao Chunhu explained, if a large number of bracket crack, will have a greater impact on security, but does not belong to “ the support structure of bearing parts, small crack will not cause accidents, serious impact on the safety of &rdquo, but not; will affect the overall rigidity and tightness of the wing. Huang Jun also holds a similar view, he believes that failure will not immediately lead to the wing failure, but it will affect the structural integrity of the wing, the existence of a long crack is a security risk. As for the problem of seaworthiness will affect the A380 of Huang Jun said, in the aircraft before delivery, the wing in strict accordance with EASA airworthiness requirements completed the test, obtained the certificate of airworthiness, decided the question shall be determined by EASA and A380 using the country's civil aviation authority.

According to Williams's statement, the Airbus has found a way to repair, in the long run, the aircraft is intended to replace the aircraft wing alloy material. Tao Chunhu told reporters that the connection pieces can be replaced, as short-term measures to replace the. But in the long run, must be designed to improve the installation of the connection parts for stress analysis and testing, such as by adjusting the amount of interference, to avoid the use of hard connection to solve. Huang Jun analysis, Airbus has issued a briefing, flight 1800 landing above the aircraft should be checked for all. A380 wing wing mainly adopts metal materials, metal materials for aircraft structure repair technology is relatively mature, short-term treatment methods can be used to replace the new parts. Repair is useful in a certain period of time, but it should be guaranteed by scientific and explicit inspection and maintenance. More important is to find the reason, in the non delivery of the aircraft to completely solve the problem.

Domestic large aircraft C919 has entered the detailed design stage. Tao Chunhu said, the same as the C919 large aircraft in the design to fully consider the coordination of design, process and test, such as the connection should pay special attention to the elimination of residual stress, ensure proper amount of interference, to adopt reasonable method of calculation, determination and control stress of soft connection assembly. “ although there are significant differences in the size of China's C919 and A380, but the designers should learn a lesson from this incident, serious, rigorous, scientifically design work, do our best to solve the possible problems in the design stage. ” Huang Jun stressed.