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Home> Bridge engineering knowledge: support installation operation procedure

 Bridge engineering knowledge: support installation operation procedure

  Mounting operation steps?
(1) bearing and the bottom surface of the connection box girder installation
The bearing and the bottom surface of the connection box girder installation in the beam seat deposit, should be in accordance with the longitudinal slope support and fixed support position review activities with the design, especially the one-way bearing activities should pay attention to check the direction of activity. Bearing installed at the bottom of the box girder, the connection bolts should be tightened.
The bearing after installation, fixed bearing seat board and the lower seat plate center longitudinal and transverse momentum and anchor centerline of bearing fault lateral momentum is no larger than 3mm, the calculated value and the allowable deviation of the ± momentum and design of vertical bearing fault activity center line; 3mm, reverse bias fixed and moveable bearings under the plate center line 1mm.


For anchor bolt hole, bearing pad stone top surface and the bottom surface of the bearing gap should be filled with pressure grouting, grouting pressure should not be less than 1.0MPa. in the absence of reliable insulation measures, grouting material insulation performance tests not carried out verification, non grouting construction in negative temperature conditions. After the grouting material reaches the strength, the template is removed, and the slurry is added to the slurry.
The anchor bolt support in the final tightening, demolition of support under the cover of temporary connection angle.
In the grouting material strength is greater than 20Mpa to remove temporary jack, prohibited erecting machine vias in before the removal of temporary jack.
The above content according to the actual work of the students in order to meet the problems, for reference, if there is a problem, please communicate in a timely manner.