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Home> Analysis on the development trend of internal and external tooth nut in the aerospace industry

 Analysis on the development trend of internal and external tooth nut in the aerospace industry

Poly hardware is a professional production of various types of fastener manufacturers, such as: zinc alloy die casting, metal thorn mother, e-nut and so on, the product quality inspection to our lattice, has more than and 10 years of experience in production and processing, welcome to negotiate business.


In recent years, with the accelerated process of global economic integration, China's Hardware Tools processing industry has gradually become the main force of the world's hardware tool industry. Some developed countries, especially in Africa, the Middle East and other developing countries on the demand for hardware tools per year to more than 10 percent of the rate of increase.

In the production of fasteners, multinational companies will continue to build factories in China and other industrial developing countries, mainly the use of low-cost advantage of these areas to produce low-end fasteners products. In spite of this, the United States, Western Europe and Japan will continue to be the main supplier of aerospace and other high-end fasteners.

2011-2016, the Asia Pacific region is expected to average annual average of 7.4% of the most robust growth in demand, mainly due to the promotion of China's market demand. Although China's future growth will be slower than the rate of 2006-2011 years, but will continue to drive the growth of the entire Asia Pacific region with strong demand. And from the relatively small size of the India market demand rise will make up for China to reduce the demand, because in 2016, India fastener sales will be the fastest in the world to climb. Smaller countries, the growth in the field of durable goods manufacturing, as well as the basic construction of new and improved demand for the continued growth of spare parts, together with the sharp increase in demand for industrial fasteners.