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Hengtong tube clamp fixed bearing Longsheng, leading the industry trend


Bearing device series products are widely used in electric power, metallurgy, petroleum, chemical industry, such as the pipeline or equipment needs to be a place of displacement stress and bridges, construction and large-scale equipment, such as vibration reduction or sliding support. In addition, support device for supporting weight limit (or guide) displacement and vibration control (Akira) acting and reducing thrust, and has the advantages of simple structure, large bearing capacity, strong adaptability, long service life and low price etc..

Sliding bearing support device of friction pair with PTFE board and mirror stainless steel material hanger, steel, and steel friction pair with Teflon plate friction pair, rolling friction bearing, has the following characteristics:

1 low coefficient of friction: &; mu; &; le; 0.1;

2 good self-lubricating friction without oil or lubricant hanger price side, reduce the maintenance workload;

3 adaptable: applicable to all kinds of environmental conditions, the performance is stable and reliable; 4 wear resistance: under normal circumstances, the service life of up to 15 years. The heat insulation type and the cold preservation type support are adopted to ensure the heat loss and the heat loss of the pipeline, thereby ensuring the safe operation of the pipeline heat medium and the cold medium.

Scope of application:

1 supports are divided into three categories: horizontal pipe, vertical pipe and elbow pipe;

2 bearing according to the operation of the temperature is divided into three categories of heat pipe, long pipe and cold pipe;

3 bearing according to the use of performance is divided into two categories of sliding bearing and fixed bearing;

4 support for 253000mm heat pipe diameter, temperature 0 to 560 DEG C, cooling temperature of 0 DEG C to 200 DEG C, 0400mm axial displacement, radial displacement 0200mm, load range 02500KN